Vienna is the capital and financial center of Austria. The city is also known for its central role in music and the arts. Today Vienna still reflects the Baroque elegance and it is rich in architect gems, including palaces, gardens, monuments and grand public buildings.

If you would like more information about the city, please download our helpful Guide to Vienna. It has travel tips, a short siteseeing guide and more information about EFA 2015.

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Some information about Vienna



Vienna offers plenty of choices of activities: Viennese Opera, cafés, wine bars, shopping and, of course, architecture gems. Why not to plan few days in the city? To check on attractions and events, check out the Vienna tourism office website.

Public transportation

Vienna has a well-developed and efficient public transport network spanning the city's 23 districts. The network comprises light rail, subway (U-bahn), tram, and bus lines, as well as the night bus. For a map of the main transportation network, click here.

A single ticket costs EUR 2.20 and it can be used for travelling one way in one zone. You may change to different lines and types of transportation, but you may not interrupt your journey. The waiting periods during the change of transportation do not count as an interruption. Tickets can be bought at all underground stations, tobacconists and on trams (at an increase price of EUR 2.30). Night lines operate between 00.30 am and 5.00 am, information about night connection can be found here

Please note that registered conference participant will receive a Vienna public transportation pass valid during conference days.
For information how to get to Vienna, click here.

Website - Vienna Tranport Authority
Smartphone app. - qando (iOS and Android)
Google maps - It is a useful tool to find location in the city. However, we do not recommend it for planning your journey with public transportation as the subway system is not integrated. To check our EFA 2015 venues, click here.



Taxis offer a relaxing and easy way to get around Vienna. Each trip has a start-up fee of EUR 2.50, after this is about EUR 1 per kilometers. The night fare, from 23:00 to 06:00, start from a fix rate of EUR 2.60 and each additional kilometer is about EUR1.30. Taxis can be found on streets and taxi station or called in advance (EUR 2.50 extra).

When taking a taxi from the airport, ask for the Pauschaltarif rate of EUR 33 to avoid paying EUR 12.00 on top of the meter fare for the return trip.

Taxi companies: